Saturday, May 7, 2011

Benedict XVI and Orange Fanta

I was coordinating something with two Marines who work nearby.  After our conversation, they offered me an Orange Fanta.  Such luxuries being relatively infrequent, I thanked them and took it.  We all had to be somewhere else in the same general direction, so we started walking together.

It came up in conversation that Orange Fanta is the pope's favorite drink.  One of the guys was incredulous.  I told him, "Seriously! I've seen pictures and videos of him at a very nice dinner.  They're all drinking wine, but he's drinking Orange Fanta!"

This Marine, who's about my age, was taken aback.  He got really introspective, and a minute later said, "You know what, that guy must be really humble.  He's one of the most influential men in the world, and there he is among the refined where certain habits are expected, but he's just a tad pedestrian because that's who he is, and he keeps it that way"

Okay, so the Marine didn't use the word pedestrian, but that's what he meant.

The whole thing reminds me of Pope Pius X.  He often got sneered at because of his having grown up in poverty.  To many he was 'pedestrian.'  He was also one of the greatest Popes of the 20th Century.


  1. Now I want to know what word the Marine did use.

    Also, I'm not sure about Fanta being pedestrian. Europeans are all quite nutty for carbonated fruit products (remember the Orangina?) and Fanta tastes better than the local fare. I think perhaps the Pope is going for the high-end stuff after all.

  2. drink cold Coke

    with a smile.

    I always do.

  3. It makes me want an Orange Fanta. Even though I don't like soft drinks... :)

  4. I'm with Jenn--I want to know the real word, too. ;) ;)

  5. Fidelio, Stop it right there. I'm in Europe regularly. Fanta is an expensive carbonated soda. Stop your detracting lies right now.

  6. Ooops! In my annoyance at the detraction, I made a typo! Fanta is an INexpensive carbonated soda.

  7. I'd hardly call them detracting lies. Fanta is inexpensive, but because it is name brand Soda like Pepsi, it costs more than off brand oranciata. That's all she's saying.

    It has been 4 almost 5 years since we were in Italy. I'd hardly call a misrememebered truth a detraction or lie. Thanks though for your contribution qwert!

  8. I do believe that 1234qwert must have been toying with you with the "detracting lies" remark.